Incorporating entertainment into your pub/social club/holiday park offering is a sure-fire way to improve your revenue streams. Entertainment will, on the face of it, attract more punters and with more punters there will inevitably be greater spend and hence, greater revenue.

But while that may sound like basic maths or even straightforward common sense, it isn’t necessarily that clear cut. The level of revenue generated depends very much on the type of entertainment on offer. As a publican (or indeed holiday park operator), what options are out there for you when it comes to entertainment?

Well, a Pub Quiz Night is a prime opportunity to attract a crowd. And when it comes to quizzing, our pub entertainment system, The Entertainer, does all the hard work for you; creating a balanced quiz with no need for lengthy swotting from your team to pull together the questions, or to select the tunes for the music round.

Speaking of music…karaoke is another excellent option. People love a good singalong, with terrible singers all part of the entertainment! The Entertainer acts as a de facto karaoke machine, providing all the necessary elements for it to work, including thousands upon thousands of fully orchestrated modern and classic karaoke tracks.

And how about race nights? The Entertainer allows you to screen races – be that pub horse racing or even pig racing.
The great thing about our pub entertainment system is that it minimises overheads. With such an array of entertainment on offer, you don’t need to spend a fortune to host an exciting pub event. It’s literally a case of selecting what you want to do on the touchscreen and hey presto, you’re doing it! You’re then free to enjoy the increased revenue for what it is.

While we’re waxing lyrical about both its capabilities and how to maximise revenue streams, you can even advertise via the Entertainer to promote your various entertainment nights during pub games, or you can even involve local businesses and services – helping to draw in extra revenue as they pay for the privilege of your TV advertising.

The Entertainer ticks all the boxes, providing easily accessible, all-in-one entertainment for any revenue savvy publican.
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