Kylemark introduces its Country Collection. A range of aprons, shirts, trousers and waistcoats; we are sure you’ll find a style to suit your theme.

Featuring the range of classic UK made cotton canvas aprons from Apron Factory, you can really see the quality of this product and when matched with our collection of hand picked shirts, trousers and waistcoats you’re sure to get a style to fit your needs.

Working with some of the biggest and prestigious names, the likes of Tom Kerridge, Mellors, Restaurants Associates, Pepsico and Jim Beam, we are confident of handling anything that comes are way.

We are here to make your like easier and with experience second to none. You can be sure we’ll give you the best advice every time.

Selecting a new uniform can be a time consuming and exasperating process, especially if you’re doing it from scratch. So, we have put together a range of garments that can easily be mix and matched to create a style you will love. Of course, we can also help you choose and with over 25 years experience in supplying the hospitality trade we know a thing or two about uniforms.

Combination Kylemark’s Country Collection with the Urban and Casual Dining Range give you the freedom to choose from the most up to date styles.

Urban range of aprons, shirts, trousers and waistcoats have proved very popular and we’re happy to expand this is 2022. Combined with our well established Leather, Denim and Canvas Aprons we are sure you’ll find a style to suit your theme.