, The Ebro Food Oil MonitorThe Ebro food oil monitor (FOM330) provides an accurate control of oil usage influencing continuity in texture, taste, and appearance of finished product whilst avoiding significant health issues arising from over-use of oil. Polar compounds, now accepted as a reliable measurement of ageing oils, are assessed by the FOM330 oil monitor and displayed in digital results from zero to fifty.

Despite the current focus on sustainability, reducing waste cooking oil is regularly overlooked. Often the process for changing oil depends on one specific person making a subjective decision e.g. oil colour. A digital quality reading proves far more consistent, repeatable, reliable and reportable than a colour or age test! As a result, frying oil is only changed when it needs to be. This results in an increase in consistency and compliance.

Trials run across multiple kitchens show an average oil saving of 20%!

Klipspringer offer annual calibration facilities with a fully automated recall reminder service. Fast turnaround in our in-house oil testing laboratory ensures minimum downtime.

Combining this with the Klipspringer Oil Monitoring Station drives staff engagement. It also makes the process simpler for all staff to understand and implement.

All purchases come with a free initial calibration worth £95.
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