The Forum of Private Business Calls for Brexit Clarity, Again, After Today’s Supreme Court Decision

forum-private-businessWhilst the Prime Minister’s recent Brexit speech gave some clarity to businesses, enabling them to start planning their post Brexit positioning, the Supreme Court’s decision has now reintroduced uncertainty. The Forum is calling on MPs and the Government as a whole to consider the plight of businesses operating without clear direction.

Ian Cass, CEO of the Forum commented, “Whilst many will gain comfort from the full House of Commons having a say on the terms of the Country’s exit from Europe, it once again raises uncertainty on the likely outcome. This reintroduces the small business headache, and business owners will now be inclined to delay investment plans once again.

“We are calling on those doing the negotiations, and the MPs who will be voting on behalf of the Country, to work together quickly and cooperatively so that a clear way forward is agreed without further delays.”