Hospitality and catering companies looking to provide the most cost-effective service for tea and other infusions can try out the double-patented TEAPY T-4-1 free. Check out TEAPY Ltd’s claims of at least 40% reduction in labour cost and 70% reduction in storage space by obtaining a free trial set from with guidance on how to compare with your existing service(s) for tagged or untagged bags or loose leaf tea, fruit, herbal or other infusions.

With over 3 years proven performance and success in four industry awards, many have called it the biggest invention, or rather two inventions, since the tea bag.

The TEAPY mug lid keeps the infusion hot, providing the brewing conditions of a conventional teaport but with better, visible brew control, then flips and “docks” snugly to the mug as a disposal “tidy”. A complete TEAPY T-4-1 tea service with TEAPY, mug, teaspoon, milk jug and optional loose leaf infuser can be carried in one hand, or with more sets on a single tray, more safely, than any comparable service. Operators can build their own sets, by matching their own mugs and spoons to the right TEAPY.

It can also be used with hot chocolate (try mini-marshmallows served in the jug), mulled wine and coffee bags, for example from Taylor’s of York, in fact TEAPY T-4-1 is so good they patented it twice!