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The Kelsius Digital HACCP and Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

The Kelsius digital HACCP and wireless temperature monitoring system provides the hospitality industry with a one-stop food safety system that protects food, customers and a business’s reputation.

Digital probes allow for food temperature checks right before service, recording and date-stamping temperatures and data. Automated sensors provide effortless monitoring of fridges, freezers and other units. Data is stored securely and can be accessed through a user-friendly portal, allowing for full regulatory compliance and traceability with access to reports and data at the touch of a screen.

The sensor system will alert staff in real time where a temperature falls outside predefined parameters. Kelsius has recently launched alerts via push notifications on the Kelsius App. The app provides the most secure and reliable way to ensure that alerts are delivered immediately to the right staff on their smartphone or any mobile device. Staff are alerted in real time to act immediately should there be a power outage, fridge or freezer failure, or doors left open.

Designated managers and supervisors have visibility of alerts, corrective actions and user data on site or remotely, providing peace of mind that food safety procedures and processes are being followed.
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