The Next Generation Hotel Booking Platform Turns Lookers into Bookers with Style

Travel during the pandemic has changed, with guests now increasingly likely to directly book via a hotel’s website. Consequently, an advanced booking engine that boasts seamless integration with your hotel website is key to boosting direct bookings.

Next generation hotel booking engines are more than just the source of direct reservations.They act as a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform that’s tailored to fit hoteliers’ needs, helping properties to stand out within a highly competitive market by delivering a brand experience that guests will remember.

It’s all about results – supercharge your direct bookings and stand out online

If you run a premium leisure hotel or resort, you will need a premium booking solution that’s been designed for your unique needs.The right solution will help you know your guests better thanks to powerful, data- driven insights, which enable you to provide the best possible online guest journey.

For guests, it’s all about clear navigation and easy access to relevant information in a minimum number of steps. A powerful booking platform maximises the potential of (up)selling offers, enabling hoteliers to achieve the greatest possible increase in sales per room.

To help defend against third-party online providers, the right booking platform will allow you to offer unique incentives to book directly, such as tailored packages. Advanced database segmentation lets you create personalised communications, tailored offers, newsletters and/or campaigns that are aligned to individual guest’s preferences. By creating specific landing pages that can use sophisticated offers or upsell ‘experiences’ or even suggest more flexible payment plans, hoteliers can offer a value-added experience to those booking directly, helping to foster long-term relationships.

Premium booking platforms such as Profitroom’s Booking Engine 360 deliver real added value for both hoteliers and their guests by offering vouchers, alternative suggestions for dates in case of no availability and attractive discounts for direct bookers. Ultimately, it’s about tangible results, which is why Profitroom’s award-winning Custome

Success team works with our clients every day to use all the data that’s coming in to drive conversions, improve performance and boost revenue.

The Profitroom Booking Engine 360 is a prime example of a solution that offers all these advanced features, having been developed exclusively with leisure hotels and resorts in mind.

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