The Original Smartphone Quiz That’s Driving Footfall and Sales In Thousands of Pubs

In theory, Thursday night at the Black Bull in York should be one of the pub’s quieter nights of the week, falling as it does just before the weekend. But the reality couldn’t be more different.

“We run a Thursday evening quiz using SpeedQuizzing and it’s now one of our busiest nights, with revenues up by about 80% and more than 35 four-person teams competing each week,” says manager Jill Clarke.

She’s not alone. The Black Bull is just one of over a thousand hospitality venues hosting weekly quizzes using SpeedQuizzing, an interactive app-based quiz platform that’s revolutionising the pub quiz and driving footfall, sales and fun in pubs and bars all over the UK.

It has been described as offering all the excitement of a quiz and game show rolled into one, and, when you speak with SpeedQuizzing co-founder Alan Leach, it’s easy to understand why.

“We created Speedquizzing to be fast-paced, entertaining and hassle-free, both for pub hosts and players alike.

“Games are hosted in each venue via our platform using a laptop, and instead of using a pen and paper, players answer the questions in real-time through our app, which they download for free. There’s no need to keep score as that’s done automatically and our customers love the fact that our quizzes are cheat-free, with our software making it easy to set time limits on how long teams have to answer each question.

“In keeping with the game show style of our quiz games, individual buzzer sounds can also be allocated to each team, while hosts can also use a variety of sound effects to add to the upbeat atmosphere.”

Its digital question packs, which come free with every SpeedQuizzing activation, are another key point of difference, with every pack being completely unique – ensuring no host will ever receive the same question pack as another host.

“They can be tailored by topic, age range or level of difficulty, meaning quiz hosts can perfectly cater to the needs and requirements of different audiences,” says Alan, “and with the World Cup just around the corner we’re already starting to see increasing demand for our football themed quiz packs.”

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