The Panasonic Automatic Rice Cooker Case Study – Royal Garden Hotel

Challenge: How can a hotel with a fashionable Chinese restaurant and an award-winning all-day dining restaurant present rice of a consistently high standard to its customers.

Steve Munkley, Executive Chef at the five star, Royal Garden Hotel relies on his dedicated team of chefs to deliver an exceptional customer experience across each of the Hotel’s restaurants, and in Min Jiang, that means a brigade of Chinese chefs delivering the most authentic food!

Solution: By using the Panasonic SR-GA721F rice cooker the kitchen brigades at the Royal Garden Hotel were able to cook and hold a reasonable volume of rice with ease, to a consistent standard each time.

Mastering the art of rice

Steve Munkley has been Executive Chef at the Royal Garden Hotel for 23 years; “While the majority of our guests are from all around the world, half of our visitors to Min Jiang are oriental, and our kitchen brigade is made up of predominantly Chinese chefs, so it was an ideal opportunity to test the Panasonic rice cooker with them as they are rice masters, as well as our team in the main kitchen.

Consistency and high quality all the way

“Our Min Jiang team prefers to cook their rice using steamer ovens but then used the rice cookers to hold the rice hot as it maintained the quality really well. Having said that, in the main kitchen, we found that cooking Tilda rice in the Panasonic rice cooker worked really well; it gave a perfect, consistent finish, especially with Basmati rice.

In summary, I believe that the Panasonic rice cooker can certainly deliver consistency when cooking rice and it is definitely an advantage being able to turn it on and leave it, with no concerns of over-cooking. It can also hold a decent volume of rice too so would be great for operators that don’t necessarily have steamer ovens.”

Ideal for cooking and holding rice for any size of business!

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