The Pub Remains Top Place For Brits To Watch England’s Football Performance This Summer

Research into consumers’ habits towards the biggest football event of the year this summer unveiled that more than half of British adults plan to watch an England game at a pub, according to research conducted by the country’s leading pub retailer and brewer Greene King.

The research, which surveyed nearly 1,000 Brits, revealed that of those who will watch the big tournament this summer, the majority (59%) plan to watch one or more matches at the pub or bar – 64% of men compared with 53% of women – highlighting that the Great British pub remains a key destination for enjoying sport. Interestingly, the pub as a sport-viewing destination is much more popular with those in the North and East, with 69% and 61% agreeing, than in the South and West (both 52%).

For this group, the most popular games to watch from the pub will be those in which England is playing, with 70% agreeing. The next most popular games to watch at the pub are the final (34%) and weekend matches (32%).

The reasons behind the pub’s popularity as a favoured location to watch sport are wide-ranging. The atmosphere was the main reason, with 33% citing it as a key factor in their decision, and was particularly popular with younger participants.  The next most popular reason for choosing the pub as a hub to watch sport is the convenience of location for meeting friends and family.  The third most popular factor is the provision of Sky or BT Sport.

When questioned about the features of the pub that were important to respondents when watching a big game, figures revealed more than half of respondents (53%) deemed big screens as important, while for 43% the quality of these screens and good drinks offers are also a key factor.

Commenting on the results, Phil Thomas, chief commercial officer at Greene King said: “It’s great to see that the majority of Brits expect to go to the pub to watch the England team play this summer. Not everyone can travel to Russia, but being in a pub with its welcoming, lively and fun atmosphere is the next best thing! This year we’ve invested heavily in even more bigger and better HD screens across our pubs so there’s no better place to cheer on The Three Lions than in a Greene King pub.”