The Quiz Platform That’s Defeating Cheats and Driving Footfall and Sales In Thousands Of Pubs

The concept behind SpeedQuizzing was simple: an easy-to-use digital pub quiz platform and app that eliminates opportunities for players to cheat.

But as the original smartphone quiz, SpeedQuizzing has not just had a resounding impact on defeating the quiz cheats – it’s transformed quiz nights in thousands of pubs and bars across the UK, driving footfall and sales.

Speaking with SpeedQuizzing co-founder Alan Leach, it’s easy to understand why.

“SpeedQuizzing games are designed to be fast-paced, entertaining and hassle-free, both for pub hosts and players alike,” says Leach.

“Games are hosted in each venue via our platform using a laptop, and instead of using a pen and paper, players answer the questions in real-time through our app, which they download for free. There’s no need to keep score as that’s done automatically, and we’ve done our best to eliminate opportunities to cheat too, with our software making it easy to set time limits on how long teams have to answer each question.”

It’s been cited as the saviour of pub quizzing by many publicans, including Mark Pinckney who runs The Deramore Arms in York.

“From taking the faff out of preparing for and hosting quizzes, through to driving some of our biggest crowds of the week, SpeedQuizzing has transformed our pub quiz night.”

Alan is proud of the role SpeedQuizzing plays in helping pubs and bars to thrive, with the company recently launching its first ever national advertising campaign, in partnership with TV’s Paul Sinha, aimed at helping more people to find their nearest smartphone pub quiz through It’s the only quiz provider to publicly promote individual events on behalf of pubs and bars, and its giant billboards advertising the site can currently be seen next to some of the UK’s busiest motorways.

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