The Sausage Man Wins Multiple Great Taste

The Sausage Man has been named among the top food and drink producers globally this year, picking up a total of 10 highly prized Great Taste Awards. Tasted by the experts, four varieties of The Sausage Man’s sausages and two drinks are awarded a Great Taste 1 Star and a further four drinks awarded a Great Taste 2 Star in this year’s quest for the finest food and drink products.

The Sausage Man has been importing authentic German sausages, charcuterie and a host of German food and drink into the UK for over 17 years. All products are carefully selected for the very best in quality, taste and cooking performance. They are the trusted supplier of premium quality German foods across retail and foodservice, with sausages being a speciality – all crafted by traditional German butchers, using time honoured family recipes.

Jörg Braese, Managing Director, The Sausage Man;

“We are delighted that so many of our products’ taste and quality have been recognised with a Great Taste Award. We’ve invested time and hard work building up our reputation with consumers, associating The Sausage Man name with a mark of quality; these awards reflect that.

“We received fantastic feedback from the thorough judging process which will further enhance our product range; the Great Taste logo is respected as a mark of excellence and we’re happy and proud for this accolade to appear on our products.”

The four winning sausages received a 1 Star Great Taste Award and excellent feedback from the judges:

Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter XXL 25cm
“A nicely made sausage. These Frankfurters made us so happy. The meat was very juicy and the smokiness and saltiness from the bacon were just perfect with a lovely lingering finish.”



Beef Hot Dog 18cm
“We would buy these! They are delicious. They look good and by golly, they taste good. We enjoyed the little touch of black pepper and thought the seasoning spot on.”




Cheese Frankfurter XXL 25cm
“A savoury moreish sausage. The soft and tasty Emmental filling melts and makes a good contrast when eaten with the firm smoky sausage. The skin has just the right amount of snap, the chunks of Emmental are generous.”


Chilli Beef Giant Frankfurter 28cm
“Innovative concept being all-beef. Visible chilli flakes are running through the sausage. On taste the heat is gentle and builds without overpowering.”




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