Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) does not discriminate and can occur at any time or in any place.

According to the Resuscitation Council, approximately 200 cardiac arrests occur each day in the UK. 90-95% of cardiac arrests are fatal. Just 5-10% of people who suffer a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital environment survive.This is often due to a lack of quick and effective treatment.

Medical emergencies such as SCA are life threatening so having the correct equipment and training in place is essential.

The importance of having defibrillators in the hospitality sector

Such is the varying nature of the hospitality sector, it’s staggering to think that having a defibrillator is not a legal requirement for UK hospitality businesses.

As a hospitality organisation, providing access to defibrillators, as well as training your staff how to use them, should be a mainstay of your health and safety provision.

In the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, effective CPR and defibrillation are critical to the individual’s chances of survival. If a defibrillator is used and effective CPR performed within three to five minutes of collapse, the chance of survival increases from 6 per cent to 74 per cent.

Yet one of the main reasons so few people survive Sudden Cardiac Arrest is due to defibrillation not being provided quickly enough after

they have collapsed – with findings showing that only 22 per cent of people in the UK would be confident in performing CPR on a stranger.

Therefore, training and equipping your staff with the knowledge and confidence to perform effective CPR and defibrillation is a necessity.

Defibrillators for hospitality

While we cannot prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest, we can prepare for it by ensuring that all hospitality venues have access to defibrillators. Ensuring your venue has access to a defibrillator will allow you to act effectively and confidently in the event of an emergency.

At defibshop, our mission is to ensure that all UK businesses have the skills and knowledge to save a life. Speak to our defibrillator specialists today and take the next steps to ensure your workplace is heart-safe.

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