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THE SOMERSET GRILL COMPANY – Making Wood-Fired Cooking Easy

The trend for wood-fired cooking in restaurants and caterers gathers apace, led by some prominent chefs, and embraced by a consumer more comfortable cooking, eating and entertaining outside.

The Somerset Grill Company has taken the principles of the Argentinian Wood-Fired Asado, and created two Grills which overcome the main challenges of cooking with fire – easy temperature control, and simple fire and fuel management.

Simply add logs to the integral Ember maker at the rear, for a constant flow of cook-ready embers from 40 minutes after lighting – and continuously as long as you add more logs. No more running out of temperature at the critical moment, it is high output, with quick cook times and big grill area for fast turnaround.

To control cook temperature, simply wind the Grill surface up and down using the axle wheel – so you can sear at 350C at it’s lowest and warm or simmer at 50C higher up. And with our larger Grande double, you get twin Grill surfaces operating height independently for multiple cooking areas. The unique V-grills prevent flare ups in-cook, and collect all fat and juice for re-basting or later use. Think steaks, slow roasts, smash burgers, fish, stews.

Made in the UK by us, the Grills offer high output opportunities for outdoor hospitality spaces, pop up events, and caterers. All off grid, wood-powered only. Choose between free-standing models with integral woodstore stand and wheels to move around, or build in to your outdoor kitchen set-up, with gunmetal steel or pre-rusted corten finish. All parts in contact with food are food-grade stainless steel, you can add in griddles, rotisserie, prep tables and meat hooks for slow cooks too.

East to Light. Easy to Fuel. Easy to Use. Easy to Clean. And from just £1,080 + VAT inc delivery for our Asado to build in, they are great value too.

To discuss how we may be able to help you create extra outdoor revenue, or be different, email, phone 07881 520888 or find out more on