Craft Beer’s Popularity Increases Across the Nation

Research commissioned by Brewhouse & Kitchen has reveled how much the nation’s attitude to beer is changing! nation’s attitudes towards beer have changed

The research taken from a cross-section of 2000 adults has revealed that London leads the way for the craft beer movement, with 53% of the capital stating they experiment more with their beer styles than they would have ten years ago, furthermore, 41% of Londoners say they would rather drink craft beer than mainstream beers.

The survey also revealed that craft beer is increasing in popularity consistently throughout the nation, particularly among millennials, who have found the market to be more exciting than their previous generations. Millennials are almost three times more likely to be adventurous with the beer they drink than those aged 55 and over.

Full findings from the research

  • Half of Londoners’ (48%) favourite alcoholic beverage is beer
  • 69% of London’s beer lovers said that craft beer was better than mainstream beers
  • More than half of Londoners (53%) drink more alternative styles of beer now than they did a decade ago
  • Nearly half (46%) of Londoners find alternative styles of beer, rather than standard lagers, more exciting
  • Nearly half (46%) of those in capital would rather drink an alternative style of beer than a lager
  • Four in ten Londoners (41%) believe that, as a style of beer, lager is a dated, boring option
  • Compared with a nationwide average of 34%, Londoners are the most adventurous with their beers, 54% stating they experiment more than they would have ten years ago
  • 23% of women are trying more alternative styles of beer than they would have ten years ago
  • Millennials are nearly three times more likely to be adventurous with their beer choices than previous generations

Craft beer is driving market growth

Matt Preisinger, head of marketing at Brewhouse and Kitchen, said: “The craft beer market is fast becoming an important force, driving growth in the hospitality sector, bringing with it a new wave of pubs and bars.

“Despite this growth, it has always been difficult for brewers to rival the multi-national companies that have become staples in our homes, restaurants, pubs and supermarkets.

“Beer brewing styles have been fairly static until the craft beer revolution, but now, with millions agreeing that they sample and enjoy many more styles regularly, a space has opened for more adventurous styles to succeed.

“This research is a welcome boost to the market and proves that craft beer and brewing is ready to compete on an international level.”