Tim Martin Says Ian Wright, Director General Of The Food And Drink Federation, Gave Inaccurate Information To Mps On Food Prices Re Brexit

Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin has criticised Ian Wright, director general of the Food and Drink Federation, for giving inaccurate information to MPs, and therefore the public, about food prices, should the UK leave the EU without a ‘deal’.

Wright was giving evidence to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy committee in parliament (Wednesday December 13).

He said that no deal would be “pretty catastrophic”, that choice, availability and profitability would be impaired and that prices would be higher.

Tim Martin commented:” Ian Wright was completely incorrect to say that the consequences of no deal would be catastrophic.

“In fact, the EU charges tariffs on non-EU food imports.

“This will mean, under those rules, that imports from the EU will also be tariff-free.

” MPs have the power to reduce food prices in March 2019 and to eliminate £200million of weekly payments to the EU.

“The CBI, the BRC, the chairman of Whitbread and Sainsbury’s, and now Ian Wright, are misleading the public and MPs on this point.

“It’s certainly very bizarre that senior industry figures can get basic factual matters completely wrong 18 months after the referendum.”