Business owners in the hospitality industry know that summer time is a huge opportunity to bulk up annual revenue. When the weather gets a bit cooler many businesses start to feel the freeze on revenue and face the pressure of the off-peak season. So how can hospitality businesses keep bookings and profits consistent during off-peak season months? Gal Fisher, Wix Hotels Operations Manager, shares some tips on how to boost online presence and hotel bookings any time of the year.

Create a Beautiful & Inviting Website

As much as 80% of people now book their holidays online, meaning it’s more important than ever that hospitality websites look great and are easy-to-use. While third-party travel websites like and Trivago can boost visibility, they tend to be quite costly. Having a reservation system directly on a website let’s businesses take control and eliminates commissions to other booking websites. Integrating WixHotels booking system on a website provides the perfect commission-free solution for hospitality businesses so bookings can be done directly and easily through any website. Selling a holiday experience by using good quality photographs, considering lighting and staging, will help stand a businesses out against competitors.

Speak in Local Languages

In hospitality, customers often come from across the globe and speak different languages. It’s exceptionally difficult for customers to navigate websites that are in a foreign language, let alone make a successful and booking. By looking at website data and inputting the most used or relevant languages, businesses can provide a more well-rounded service that will translate into more sales.

Offer Pricing Options

If a customer wants to stay more long term, offering them a weekly or monthly rate can be a big draw for potential guests. The convenience and flexibility (not to mention discount) can earn profitable repeat business. Taking advantage of technology, such as Wix’s new advanced pricing feature, allows businesses the option to offer customers more flexible payment options.

Keep Customers Engaged

Following up with guests is a great way to boost customer loyalty and leave guests with a good impression. Engaging with customers this way brings a personal touch and encourages them to make another booking again in the future. Sending customised automatic emails to thank customers following a stay or even offering a discount code for an upcoming visit will help customer retention.

Get Testimonials

In the hospitality business, testimonials are the best way to gain a potentially interested person’s confidence and from there, potentially their business. Once people read about other people’s experiences, they feel they’re making a better informed decision. Don’t be shy – the best way to get testimonials is to ask for them as research shows that 70% of people will leave a review for a business if they are asked to.
Establishing an online presence is essential in the hospitality business. To help beat the seasonal revenue fluctuations, it is important for hospitality businesses to plan ahead and ensure that best practice is being followed. Having a website that’s appealing and easy-to-use is a great way to boost revenue and leave customers happy with their experience.