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Top Choice Security Products for Hotels

Security is a top priority for any hotel, therefore, it is vital to ensure there are measures in place to keep your guests and staff safe.

Specialist supplier, IronmongeryDirect, offers a range of products that can help businesses maintain safety and security standards.

To provide added reassurance to your guests, the Burg Wächter P 3 E LAP KA4 Hotel PointSafe Electronic Safe is ideal for the storage of valuables and documents. It has a solid single wall body with a 7mm double walled door with drill protection. The product comes prepared for wall or floor mounting with fixings provided and has a hotel mode with master and user codes. The safe is also supplied with a keyed alike override key for increased peace of mind in case batteries run out.

The Arrone® Code Lock is a light-duty code lock, ideal for securing interior low-traffic offices and storerooms. All mechanical code locks use non-sequential codes, meaning the four-digit code can be entered in any order, e.g. 1234 can be 4321 or 1342. Although this is a lower security option than electronic locks, it is ideal for smaller hotels looking for access control on a smaller budget.

When it comes to guest safety, the Jackloc Cable Window and Door Restrictor is an ideal choice; designed with health and safety in mind, it can be fitted to any style and material of window and restricts the opening to 100mm. The Jackloc is provided with hardened steel security clutch screws and once fitted, they cannot be removed. Alternate screws can be used if required.

IronmongeryDirect has over 16,000 products available and in stock. Orders can be placed as late as 8pm for next day delivery, and by 4pm on weekends. Free, no quibble returns are available on all products.

For more information, visit IronmongeryDirect.com or call their team of specialist advisors on 0800 168 28 28.

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