Tough On Germs But Gentle On Hands – Save Money On Highly Concentrated, Certified Hand Sanitiser

With many people still apprehensive of returning to their everyday lives, there has never been a more important time to ensure the health of staff and customers. Hygiene is key to building staff and consumer confidence, increasing footfall and boosting dwell time – all resulting in increased revenue and profitability. We know that hand sanitisation is vital to avoid the transmission of harmful germs and as a result, most pubs and restaurants are ensuring that they offer hand sanitiser to customers on arrival at their establishment. Surveys have shown that consumers feel more comfortable eating out if antibacterial products were provided for free.

There are many brands of hand sanitiser on the market, with some as low as 60% alcohol. Medical grade sanitisers usually start around 70%. At 75% alcohol, Lonstin highly concentrated Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser gel is quick and effective at killing 99.9% of all bacteria. The certified, rinse-free, non-sticky gel has been specially formulated with antibacterial ingredients, which are effective at eliminating MSRA and E.coli, while leaving hands gently cleansed and refreshed. Providing everyday protection for your staff and customers.

Take advantage of fast delivery and save money with great case or bundle deals from as little as 63p each (ex VAT).

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