Tower Hamlets Levy Will Put Businesses At Risk

The ALMR has reacted to Tower Hamlets Borough Council’s decision to approve the introduction of a late-night levy warning that the tax will put local businesses at risk.

ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “Obviously, this is a very disappointing decision from Tower Hamlets Councils, one which will put further financial pressure on valuable businesses in the area. The levy will stifle investment, put jobs and risk and could ultimately see venues close.

“The decision is even more disappointing given the House of Lords Committee reviewing the Licensing Act acknowledged that the levy is unfit for purpose and recommended that it be abandoned altogether.

“The ALMR’s submission to the Council clearly highlighted the dangers of introducing a levy and was supported by a petition from local venues opposed to the measure. It is very disappointing to see the Council ignoring the concerns of its own businesses in favour of a measure that will put the area’s late-night offering at risk and, in all likelihood, have no appreciable positive impact.”