As the hospitality sector begins to open up and you start welcoming guests and customers once again, no doubt there are a thousand things that demand your attention right now.

New ways of working and serving, new procedures and new regulations not only require much of your time and energy but they will have also cost money to implement. So wouldn’t it be a bonus if we could actually help you save money on one vital part of your operation – while also helping to reduce your business’s environmental impact?

Andigestion’s ‘One For One’ food waste collection service has been designed especially for the hospitality sector! Food waste included in your general waste collection can lead to increased weight charges which mcan mount up considerably during a busy season. By having a separate food bin you could reduce or even eliminate the excess weight charges and possibly also reduce the number of general waste collections too.

One for One customers receive a designated food bin which we swap for a fresh, steam-cleaned one every time to help keep premises clean and hygienic with no mess, smells or liners to worry about. You can place food directly into our bins whether packaged, unpackaged, cooked or uncooked.

As well as keeping food waste out of your general waste bins and potentially reducing general waste collection costs, our highly sustainable recycling service also keeps your food waste out of landfill and trans- forms it into clean, green and eco-friendly energy.

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