Tune Into Customers’ Healthy Mindset & Grow Sales With Good Earth

It’s a good time to review your soft drinks offering and bring in something new that taps into current consumer trends. Good Earth, an exciting new brand, has two premium adult soft drinks which appeal to the growing number of mindful and health aware consumers.“Our drinks are brewed with care and love for the natural,” says Liliana
Jaurequi, Brand Manager for Good Earth.

On trend Good Earth Kombucha is an intriguing healthier alternative to usual soft serves. Awarded Product of The Year 2021* it’s an indulgent, premium drink experience. Each Kombucha has a base of the best organic teas blended with natural juices and gets a gentle effervescent lift from live cultures. Clean on the palette, vegan friendly, with low sugar and 40 calories, it’s an attractive drink for the discerning.

As an ambient range it does not need fridge space and has a shelf life of 12 months, but is recommended served chilled. Available in premium branded 275ml bottles and coming soon 250ml cans, three flavours of Natural; Ginger & Lemon; and Pomegranate & Blueberry are available.

Good Earth is all about delivering natural mindful pleasure, and is a new take on energy for customers that like the lift of an energy drink but want something a little lighter and lower in sugar. If you have customers like this then Good Earth’s new Good Earth Good Energy is worth a look.

With vegan friendly, organic natural ingredients it’s a clean tasting, light, and refresh- ing drink with a natural boost of feel good energy. Blended with natural fruit juices for added vitamin C (7.5% RDA ) each can has 50 calories and 80mg of natural caffeine sourced from Guayusa. Available in Blood Orange & Tangerine and Raspberry & Blueberry.

Ethical and environmental considerations have risen up the agenda and Good Earth puts the environment at the heart of its brand.All packaging is 100% recyclable and recognising that it’s nature that’s helped it to deliver the quality of its products, it seeks to give back to nature through the 1% for the planet initiative, donating 1% of its total retail sales to help environmental causes, so a feel good buy all round.

Find out more and ask for samples from Good Earth at tradeenquiries@goodearth.co.uk.