UK Diners Suffering From ‘Food Fad Fatigue’

Bookatable by Michelin unveils its latest Quarterly Dining Trends Report, revealing the ‘hipster’ food trend is expected to be short-lived, with many Brits turning their backs on food fads

  • Three quarters (74%) of Brits said they either wouldn’t pick the ‘unusual’ dish from the restaurant menu, or weren’t sure if they would take the risk
  • Nearly six in ten (57%) Brits aren’t bothered by new or alternative foods, and feel they cannot keep up with food trends
  • Head Chefs at some of the UK’s top restaurants have now revealed that the ‘hipster’ food trend is short-lived with food sustainability, local sourcing and food waste now topping the UK’s priority list

LONDON, JUNE 20, 2017: New insight from Bookatable’s Quarterly Dining Trends Report reveals that diners in the UK are suffering from ‘food fad fatigue’, with many of us rejecting the so-called popular ‘hipster’ food trend, which was said to take the nation by storm. The news comes after it is revealed that just 5% of Brits make restaurant decisions based on whether trending dishes or ingredients are available on the menu. Interestingly, those aged between 18-24 were less likely to choose a restaurant based on whether they served ‘hipster’ or alternative food, than those aged 35-44.

The survey, which polled 2,000 Brits on their dining preferences, found that three quarters (74%) of us wouldn’t pick the ‘unusual’ dish from the restaurant menu, or were doubtful about taking the risk. Meanwhile, nearly six in ten (57%) Brits aren’t bothered by new or alternative foods, feeling they cannot keep up with the latest food trends.

Bookatable found that the most popular restaurants booked during the quarter were those that are now moving towards offering diners sustainable locally-sourced foods. Restaurants topping the list included Aqua Shard, Hutong, OXO Tower Brasserie, Tredwells from Marcus Wareing and Jamie’s Italian, all of whom do not prioritise ‘hipster’ foods on their menus.

Head Chefs at some of the UK’s top restaurants are now stating that 2017 is the year for sustainable and ethical dining, with many restaurateurs and diners putting responsible eating at the top of their agenda. Restaurants such as Cigalon, for example, a magnificent former auction house offering Provencal cuisine on London’s Chancery Lane, are now incorporating sustainable twists to their otherwise traditional menus. Just last month, the restaurant began offering diners a bug-inspired menu in a bid to normalise sustainable foods in the UK.

10 ‘hipster’ fad foods Brits are turning their backs on
  1. Power shots
  1. Energy balls
  1. Avocado mash
  1. Green juices
  1. Freakshakes
  1. Chia pudding
  1. Chocolate Avocado mousse
  1. Superfood smoothies
  1. Mejdool dates
  1. Quinoa burgers



Julien Carlon, Head Chef at Cigalon said:

“Our tastes and preferences are changing almost daily, but what is clear is that the UK is leading the movement towards lighter, more sustainable food. Our recent bug-inspired menu is just one of the ways we’re keeping up with this movement, which we hope to continue to push throughout the year. It’s definitely a higher priority for us than keeping up with food fads.”

Michal Markowski, Manager at Cucina G&V said:

“We’re moving away from fad trends, and moving towards small, family-run restaurants with high quality products, or even restaurants that use local and sustainable ingredients. We change our menu at least once every season, making sure to add special menus based on popularity and guest feedback, which do tend to be more traditional dishes, all with a homemade twist.”

Chantelle Nicholson, Chef Patron at Tredwells said:

“We at Tredwells think that trends which forge new ways of moving forward, like sustainable and ethical foods, are very important; however, other trends, like the ‘hipster’ food trend, are more of a gimmick with no real grounding. As a nation, we are becoming more and more aware of the difference between the two, and we’re becoming more aware of what we’re putting into our bodies, which would explain these new findings.”

‘Food fad fatigue’ is now making its way into our own kitchens, with nearly nine in ten (86%) of us admitting to never having made a ‘hipster’ or alternative meal at home. Most of those asked said keeping up with food fads is too time-consuming and expensive, while many admitted to preferring more traditional meals.

Josephine Ellis, Head of Communications for Bookatable Europe said:

“It’s clear there’s a huge shift in the types of food we’re wanting to order, with our research showing that we’re moving away from ‘fads’, and instead, heading towards a healthier and more considered future when it comes to food. Despite the countless predictions that the ‘hipster’ food trend is here to stay; we now know that we’re growing tired of this ‘trend’, and most importantly, it isn’t influencing menus as much as we first thought.”