UKinbound Welcomes London Heathrow Expansion Decision

Yesterday’s announcement by the Government to move forward with the recommendation made by the Airports Commission to increase London Heathrow’s runway capacity has been welcomed by UKinbound, the leading trade association which represents over 370 of the country’s tourism businesses.

UKinbound’s chief executive officer, Deirdre Wells OBE said: “UKinbound is delighted that a decision has been made by the Government and that the building of a new runway at London Heathrow will now move forward. 71% of inbound visitors fly to this country and the expansion of our global gateway – London Heathrow, is crucial to the UK’s future growth.

“We would like to congratulate London Heathrow and also urge the airport to swiftly move forward with the development of a third runway. With overseas visitor spending accounting for £22 billion in export earnings and tourism the UK’s third biggest employer, it’s imperative that work to expand the UK’s airport capacity faces no further delays.

“The UK’s tourism industry is predicted to continue its rapid growth as a key destination for leisure and business travellers. Given this, we ask the Government to develop a transport infrastructure to match demand and that a second runway at London Gatwick not be dismissed in the long-term.”