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Upgrading Water Pumps Saved A Hotel 53% In Energy Costs

Britannia Hotels acquired Daresbury Park Hotel in 2015. It was apparent there were significant issues with water supply. Intermittent changes in water pressure, temperature issues at showers and taps, rattling pipework causing complaints, as well as two total failures of the water supply. The hot and cold water was maintained by two three pump booster sets, both of which needed attention and PressBoost, specialists in Pressurisation and Boosted water systems were tasked.

Looking into the problem they found that the controls were the issue. The lead pump for each unit had a variable speed drive to save energy and the support pumps were on fixed speed control, this is a very difficult way of trying to control water as it can cause all of the issues present on site, coupled with the fact that one of the VSD’s had failed completely.

The solution was to replace the existing controls with individual VSD’s within a new control panel. The new drives were configured Duty/Assist/ Assist, this enabled the pressure to be set up to a fixed 3.5 bar. The modified controls incorporated auto-changeover of the lead pump every 24hrs, as well as all pumps run when required to maintain the demand of the hotel regardless of the time of day or the demand.

Prior to repairs on the first unit being carried out, PressBoost installed energy monitoring equipment to the Hot Water booster (failed inverter). This equipment was subsequently monitored for two weeks after modification and energy savings were measured at 53%. Britannia immediately commissioned a second control panel for the Cold Water booster unit.

Two years later Britannia Hotels reports all water issues are a distant memory, asked for comment PressBoost said that this was something that could be incorporated into any existing water boosting equipment.

For further information, call 0161 798 5872 or 07772 115014. Email: info@pressboost.co.uk or www.pressboost.co.uk

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