Use Colourful Visual Communication Aids to Increase Safety, Productivity and Revenue in the Hospitality and Catering Sector

As the new industry landscape unfolds post-Covid, it’s critical for establishments in the hospitality and catering sector to adapt and evolve to meet the changing legislation and environments, whilst keeping their staff and customers safe.Throughout all of this, operating at maximum output is crucial in order to generate revenue and profits, and so productivity and efficiency matter.

Beaverswood, a visual communication specialist, has developed a full range of smart and effective solutions that will help you to operate effectively and efficiently, in the safest manner.

Considering all the aspects of running a business, looking after its customers, complying to government guidelines and keeping everyone safe, Beaverswood has developed a comprehensive

range of floor markings, perspex screens, seat markers and outdoor stencils, as well as impactful visual communication tools such as; labelling, signage and colourful noticeboards, which will help the hospitality and catering sector perform to the best of its ability.

Beaverswood states there is a definite correlation between highly effective visual aids and revenue performance.“Not only do you make your customers feel safer, you enable your workforce to work smarter and therefore quicker”, says Product Manager Jim Roberts. “In turn, this means establishments can optimise their productivity, which positively impacts the amount of money they put through their tills’.

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