, Valentine/Cuisine EquipPutting It on The Table

Meeting the growing demand for flexible and portable professional kitchen equipment we are pleased to be able to introduce two new table-top pieces of equipment from Valentine Equipment – the Liguria Pasta Cooker and Table-Top Chip Scuttle. Both will be on show at The Restaurant Show on Stand GF29 from 30 September to 02 October at Olympia, London.

The new Liguria table-top pasta cooker has been developed by Valentine Fabrique in Switzerland. It is designed and engineered to the same high standards as its bigger Valentine cousins, and the Liguria is ideal for professional kitchens where space is tight, and equipment may need be moved around.

The Evo Table-Top Chip Scuttle gives options to food service operations to make the most of available space and that may also use Valentine fryers. The table-top chip scuttle keeps the perfectly fried food warm until service.
Key features:

• Heated pan pressed from single piece of stainless steel

• Two heat sources – pan is heated from below and a quartz heat lamp keeps the food warm from above

• Valentine’s Swiss build quality and three-year warranty.