At Viessmann Refrigeration, we understand that effective, reliable and hygienic refrigeration underpins the efficient performance in any hospitality environment where large volumes of foodstuffs and beverages need to be kept at a constant chilled temperature and meet the HACCP safety regulations.

The unique features of the Viessmann cold rooms includes panels with overlapped joints which are cam locked so there is no requirement to use silicone meaning our cold rooms can be extended from a nominal standard width to any length by adding floor, ceiling and wall modules to suit your specific size requirements plus this system prevents formation of dirt and water. An Anti-Microbial coating prevents the trans- mission and spread of potentially harmful bacteria and makes cleaning easier and more hygienic.

Viessmann offers a wide range of energy efficient and durable refrigeration solutions including wall mounted, ceiling mounted and split systems so we can be flexible depending on your individual needs and site conditions. We recently introduced a remote monitoring system which will alert you to any issues in real time and prevent any stock losses.

If you are looking for a cold room offering with full flexibility in configuration and design for hygienic and safe storage conditions then look no further.

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