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Washing and Drying Reusables For Safe, Hygienic Foodservice

Hygiene is critical when providing food and drinks in reusable glass bottles, plastic cups, pints, flutes, bowls, plates, cutlery and containers.

The critical difference between plastic and traditional crockery is hygiene. Crockery is dense and retains heat, plastic does not, so it is much harder to dry. Stored plastic cups, pints and food containers must be dry to prevent hygiene issues. Any residual moisture will eventually lead to mould growth.

The key is achieving 0% residual moisture when cups, bowls, food containers etc, leave the dishwasher.

Existing dishwashers can be converted to wash plastic cups and containers for immediate reuse.

A weighted grid for light cups converts Meiko’s single basket M-iClean H and double basket MiClean HXL hood-type dishwashers into cup washing machines, with a maximum capacity of up to 1,500 cups/h (M-iClean HXL).

The option of a drying table speeds up the drying of cups.

Undercounter cup washing can also be achieved with Meiko’s M-iClean U, which uses a weighted grid for lightweight cups. Meiko also provides wash baskets tailored to wash plastic bowls and food containers.

The move to reusable bottles highlights the need for dishwashing machines with high-volume capability.

Meiko’s undercounter Bottle Wash System is currently the most productive on the market (April 2023), washing 16 at one time, or up to 640 bottles per hour. A dedicated bottle wash rack and adaptor that swaps with the bottom wash arm quickly switches from dishwashing to bottles.

The Meiko Bottle Wash System takes bottles up to 114 mm wide and 370 mm tall, making a vast choice of bottles available. It is suitable for all Meiko M-iClean undercounter machines in use since 2009.

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