The FaceCam from Fusion is a technology breakthrough. Designed to accurately capture face recognition, temperature and mask data, this technology detects and alerts whether an individual has a fever and if wearing a mask is required will alert user if no mask is present. Software will also email management should a fever reading be taken.

The software provided with FaceCam does allow for reporting.You can use these reports to set a date range and see everyone who has come into the building (and at what time) and what their temperature was at that time.The software can recognise enrolled staff members or alternatively record guests and visitor photo along with detail of times and dates both in and out of the building

By asking the member of staff that you’d like to enrol on the FaceCam stand them in front of the device and have their temperature taken. First take the reading without a mask on.After they’ve been enrolled the device will have no problem identifying them with a mask on.

Watch our short video on our web site to see it in action. Message or call the Fusion team if you’d like to learn more or book a demonstration 01133 979 555.