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What Can a TROLLEY Do for You?

Trolleys can be an invaluable way of increasing spending per head. This could be through offering a cocktail, champagne by the glass, a cheese course at the table or even tempting your customers with delicious desserts.

Visual appeal is everything!
Many customers feedback that their trolley pays for itself very quickly and they are often searching for a different type of trolley to add to their collection.

Why not introduce a cocktail trolley?
Restaurants, pubs, hotels, conference centres, and coffee shops are sure to find a model to suit their décor. Euroservice trolleys range from very traditional designs to more contemporary models.

Any trolley, any size, any colour!
The use of a trolley will not only enhance your service but alleviate all too frequent staff shortages to ensure a swift and elegant service.

Trolleys are invaluable to good service and with a choice of style and colours to suit your environment, you are sure to find the right trolley for you.

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