What Is And Is Not Possible With Video Surveillance – And What Is Not

All bars have cameras – nowadays local authorities would not grant licensing without the essential, wide ranging security they can provide. But make no mistake, they cannot protect a bar operator from under-ringing. If you are offered ‘clever’ video with print overlay showing what is being entered on the till, it will probably also include fast scanning to view each time Vodka, house lager or whatever is sold. You will be told ‘if you are aware you have a stock issue with a specific product, then that is a useful feature’ – right? No actually – that is wrong!

Fact is, if a bar operator has a stock issue with a specific product, the problem is because that product is dispensed but not sold. And this is where (EPoS) till connected dispense management provides information that cameras cannot. In a bar with hundreds of low value transactions the bar operator needs to know when a drink is dispensed but not registered – and cameras cannot inform anyone about that.

Beer or spirit monitoring dispense management must be fully connected to the EPoS system or it will not provide a full picture.

With a timed record of every sale and dispense, and real time registration of drinks entered on customer accounts (bar, table or hotel room ‘tabs’), you can have an automated stock check every sixty seconds. With a draught beer display resolution of a tenth of a pint, surplus and waste are also separated from measures which are not sold. And with all events shown graphically in a bar chart. So when you have the technology to highlight you lost two house lagers, a Guinness and a double vodka at 15:17, whilst also showing who was working in which bar at the time, if you want to remove any further doubt, then you might have a look at the video…

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