Founded back in 1985 by Graham Whittle, Whitby Seafoods are a buccaneering, privately owned, family business based in Whitby – a real place with a rich history as a fishing port.

Graham founded the business with a quest to create ‘proper’ Scampi, using Langoustine tails responsibly sourced from the waters around the British Isles. This ‘quest for the best’ ethos remains, and we continue to be obsessed with top-notch seafood and remain market leaders in quality.

We are the beacon brand for scampi and are the UK’s largest buyer and manufacturer of scampi. Simply put, we sell more scampi than anyone else anywhere else, with a whopping 1 million portions of Whitby Scampi being eaten by discerning seafood lovers each week!

Being experts in what we do has enabled us to remain as the number 1 brand in foodservice since the company began. Whitby Scampi has become a famous dish in pubs and restaurants throughout the land, gracing the very best menus as a signifier of discernment.

To bring a touch of the seaside to your establishment, we offer free point of sale items including greaseproof, napkins and swingboards available with the purchase of our flagship Whitby Scampi. Not only is our point of sale wonderfully eye catching, but it’s also a signifier of quality to those looking for something delicious to eat.

Our point of sale has been a firm favourite with many of our customers over the last 10 years. Here is what some have had to say:
“Whitby branded POS where I am does work- I’m based opposite 1500 caravans so when it’s nice and they are sitting outside with the branded serving items it really does make a difference”

“Having Whitby POS has helped promote our scampi sales dramatically. Presentation is key to encourage return business and for positive reviews with images too. The Whitby Scampi POS products help us achieve this.”

If you want to hook into our point of sale, call 01947 606101 or email with proof of purchase to claim.