The UK hospitality sector is currently grappling with a well-documented shortage of staff. Hotels, restaurants, and pubs are |facing challenges in finding suitable candidates for their advertised positions. As the holiday season approaches, this shortage becomes even more concerning. Christmas is undoubtedly the busiest time of the year for the hospitality industry, and a lack of sufficient staff can significantly impact a company’s performance. So, how can this problem be addressed? One potential solution is to consider recruiting candidates from outside the United Kingdom, a path that an increasing number of companies are exploring to meet their staffing needs.

But how does a company transition from recruiting domestically to searching for candidates overseas? The process can seem daunting, involving interactions with the Home Office and the need to ensure that your recruitment team and HR systems are fully prepared. Work Permit Cloud is a legal services company that specialises in assisting UK businesses bring skilled workers from abroad. We provide support in candidate sourcing, offer HR software solutions, and facilitate the acquisition of all the necessary licenses and visas.

For a company to employ a skilled worker from outside the UK, it must have a sponsor licence. This process typically takes eight weeks, but it can be fast-tracked – 10 working days. Once a sponsor licence is granted, the company can issue their candidate a ‘certificate of sponsorship’ (CoS), the candidate then applies for his/her work visa.

Access to a diverse talent pool, staying competitive, expanding market reach, and ensuring regulatory compliance are just a few of the compelling reasons why companies should prioritize obtaining a sponsor licence.

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