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Why Hotels Should Be Offering EV Charging

As people look to make more sustainable choices to reduce their carbon footprint and protect the planet, the number of EV drivers on the road is growing rapidly. There are currently over 780,000 fully electric cars on the road in the UK, as well as 500,000 plug-in hybrids ( With the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles set to be banned in 2030, this number is only going to continue increasing – now is a crucial time for hotels to start offering guests accessible and convenient EV charging.

Hotels can expect to welcome a wider clientele when they provide EV charging, as drivers often choose their destination based on the availability of charging. The ability for users to seamlessly integrate charging into their stay greatly enhances the overall guest experience, as it removes any concerns surrounding range anxiety – guests are able to enjoy their visit whilst they charge up and leave with a full battery. This in turn helps build relationships between hotels and guests as it demonstrates the commitment to providing a convenient and comfortable stay. Offering this amenity also boosts occupancy rates and provides additional revenue generating opportunities through use of the chargers.

EV charging facilities are not only crucial to improving guest experience, but also show a commitment to a more sustainable future. Adding chargers to the network supports the transition to a cleaner, greener way of transport. The benefits of this sustainable initiative don’t end there – providing EV charging helps to differentiate hotels from competition, attracting guests who prioritise sustainability that are looking for a place to stay that aligns with their values.

EVC recently entered an exclusive partnership agreement with Macdonald Hotels & Resorts to roll out bespoke EV charging solutions across their portfolio of sites on a fully-funded basis, covering the cost of installation and ongoing maintenance of the chargers. This collaboration puts the hotels’ guests and the planet first, providing a seamless charging experience.

Now is the perfect time for hotels to prepare for the EV revolution – avoid the rush in the future and contact EVC now for a bespoke charging solution.