Why LP Group Mixers Are A Top Choice for Artisan Bakers

LP Group mixers are trusted across the globe to deliver high-quality, assured dough production. The Italian machinery supplier has harnessed decades of engineering and manufacturing experience to create industry-leading models that produce excellent dough results for bakers. Its latest lines of fixed bowl solutions are ideal for artisan use, such as at small restaurants and bakeries, with an array of different sizes suited to dough handling production from 40kg to 250kg.

“LP Group produces fantastic mixers for consistent, high-quality artisan baking using specialist doughs,” says Steve Merritt, managing director of EPP, exclusive distributor of LP Group mixers in the UK and Ireland. “We’re pleased to offer its comprehensive range of high quality, robust mixers, which are perfect for small bakers and Italian pizzerias.
The ability to produce at a smaller scale (whilst maintaining consistency) affords additional flexibility. Bakers can even make batches of just half a dozen loaves or a handful of pizza bases – ideal for smaller requirements, or to use as experimenting and testing, all with less wastage.”

All LP Group fixed bowl spiral mixers feature a tough steel construction and reinforced motors, built for many years of use. Its intuitive models have been designed for low maintenance and easy dough extraction, and they can be extensively customised to suit individual requirements. The mixers are capable of handling many types of dough, but are especially suited to artisan dough mixtures with hydration greater than 55% with European flour.

Its Star Mixer line – designed for 40kg or 60kg dough capacity – features an easy-to-use control panel with double scale electro-mechanical timer (which can be upgraded to an optional electronic control panel with bypass selector), and models can even be colour customised – ideal for reinforcing company branding, from kitchen to table. Meanwhile, the VIS line is designed for dough capacities from 60kg to 250kg.

LP Group mixers are available in the UK and Ireland from bakery equipment specialist EPP.

For more information, visit www.eppltd.co.uk