Printed banners are the perfect choice for a good-sized advertisement with a low investment. If you compare the cost of a banner against other alternatives such as digital display or even a directory listing, it’s a ‘no brainer’ with HFE doing three 8ft x 3ft banners for just £108 (or £90+vat) delivered! Just imagine how many people you can reach for little over 100 quid! Do I really need three? I hear you ask – we’ll answer this shortly.

Research tells us that the average consumer needs to view an advert at least 7-8 times before it’ll really starts to do its job – this figure is an average taken across all media such as web and online media through to poster and digital display marketing.

However, the great new is – with banners, they work much quicker and can get attention and even a result in as little as 1 view! And this is why banners are so popular.

We’re not claiming every banner with make a sale to every person who sees it, but the likelihood is that if your banners are well designed and put in place where your desired audience can easily see them, then the chances are they will outperform most other types of advertising on a cost per result basis.

We also know that printed banners generate the most success from day 1 to day 14 of being displayed. After 14 days, they’ll continue to work but at a lesser rate – people notice new banners much more than the ones they’ve seen several times before.

So, to maintain the peak level of interest in your promotion we suggest rotating your banners to keep them fresh and therefore three is far better than one. With three nicely designed banners you can rotate over a 6 week cycle meaning you get maximum impact and get instant results for just £108 delivered.

HFE have been designing banners since 1996 and have a wealth of experience. Visit HFE Signs for further products such as Printed Signs, Roller Banners, Pavement Signs and much more.

Printed Banners are available across the UK with the majority of the UK in their next working day delivery area.