Regale Microwave announce it’s ‘Solution’ promotion, which starts in April.

But if Regale has the solution, what’s the problem ?

Many Microwaves have a cavity designed so a 1⁄2 Gastronorm dish can only just fit inside.

However, with demand for the excellent Microsave® cavity liner growing daily, this creates a problem for the user. The 1⁄2 gastronorm dish cannot fit inside the Microsave on these ovens, so does the site protect their oven with a Microsave, or use a smaller dish to cook in?

The solution is the exciting new range of WINIA heavy duty commercial microwaves.

The 1500w & 1850w ovens comes complete with a Microsave cavity liner as standard and the larger cavity can easily accommodate either one 1⁄2 Gastronorm dish or two 1/3 Gastronorm dishes.

The ovens also come with super bright LED interior lights, which are designed to last far longer than the out dated incandescent bulbs still found in many commercial microwaves.

Pat Bray, MD of Regale Microwaves is rightly proud of his companies latest product group.

“We listened very closely to our customers and users to understand what was ( and what was not ) important to them”.

He continued “They want a well-built, high quality microwave they can rely on. The oven must also have a Microsave cavity liner to protect their investment.

With the larger cavity, chefs can easily use either a 1⁄2 or 2 off 1/3 Gastronorm dishes, to give real versatility”.


There has never been a better time to look at the WINIA brand of Commercial Microwaves. Starting in April, Regale Microwave are giving 2 x 1/3 and 1 x 1⁄2 Polycarbonate 100mm gastronorm dishes worth over £15.00 with the first 100 pieces with either model WINIA KOM9F50 (1500w) or KOM9F85 (1850w).



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