Wing Yip Renovates Its Birmingham Business Centre

Ahead of its 50th anniversary celebrations next year, oriental supermarket Wing Yip has announced plans to renovate its Birmingham Business Centre.

The renovation will create a refreshed and open space including a total of 11 multi-purpose units which are all accessible to local businesses and available to let. The space will be complete with a landscaped outside seating area and at least one restaurant. The renovation is due to be completed by early summer 2019.

Wing Yip Director, Brian Yip, said: “Our Wing Yip Business Centre is an integral part of the Birmingham community and is focused on providing a range of specialist services to the Chinese and non-Chinese communities alike. From Chinese and Oriental restaurants, to bakers, healthcare and legal services, our sites are home to a number of local businesses and demand for our units continues to grow.

“Our renovation will create additional space and will allow us to grow our commercial offering as we enter our 50th anniversary year.”

During the renovation to the Wing Yip Business Centre, the Wing Yip Superstore and surrounding businesses remain unaffected and will be open as usual.