Outside of the festive fervour there are a number of trends which are becoming popular as we enter the colder period of the year. The key themes we have identified are casual dining maximalism and minimalism and premium dining maximalism and minimalism.

Casual Dining Maximalism
Casual dining maximalism is all about embracing life, vibrancy and excessiveness. Allowing for a huge mixing pot of colours, patterns and textures to be embraced and showcased it is a case of go big, bold and bright and do not shy away. The only advice we’d give is ensure the rest of your venue follows suit too, if you have a bold restaurant then double down and chose a vibrant table setting to further embrace the perfection which exists within the chaos. Churchill’s wide variety of Stonecast colours is the perfect place to start when looking to incorporate this trend.

Casual Dining Minimalism
Simplistic, refined but stripped back is the way to nail casual dining minimalism. The trend predominantly relies on white crockery with occasional pops of neutral light shades to build a subtle flow of tones throughout your table offering. With this theme you must let the food do the talking so ensure your dishes are vibrant, well dressed and visually stunning. A great range which can help you achieve this is Vintage Med Tiles from Churchill.

Premium Dining Maximalism
High end, premium maximalism is a contemporary theme which draws on the eccentricity of high society dining and the art deco scene in Miami during the 1980s. The idea is to be bold and visual and allow the colours and patterns to take centre stage. The trend is exciting and somewhat limitless allowing you to go beyond the table display and bring in elements from the wider restaurant such as plant foliage, internal architecture, and other such textures. A glassware range which is perfect for this is Villeroy & Boch’s New Moon

Premium Dining Minimalism
Premium dining is where minimalism shines. Elegant whiteware combined with subtle accents of colour with a shimmer of discreet gold is the best way to capitalise on this trend. To clarify, this does not need to be boring but rather wants to evoke the feeling of a clean canvas with just a hint of colour allowing the food to be visually elevated to a higher aesthetic level. If you are wondering where to start regarding accented tones, we’d suggest either tying in colours from your current venue theme or select monochromatic visuals to offer a bolder contrast. A perfect place to start for this trend would be with the Spyro range from Steelite.

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