WSTA ‘Deeply Frustrated’ By Brexit Talks Deadlock

Today’s news from Brussels that the Brexit talks remain deadlocked is a setback for UK industry.

The wine and spirit trade with the EU is worth almost £4.5 billion to the UK.

In 2016 the UK traded £2.2 billion of spirits with the EU and traded just shy of £2.3 billion in wine.

The WSTA has always made it clear that the continued flow of goods after the UK leaves the EU is vital for the wine and spirit industry, which is worth over £50 billion in economic activity and which supports over half a million jobs.

Yet with just over 18 months remaining until the Article 50 deadline expires, there have been no discussions on the terms of the UK’s future relationship.

Miles Beale, Chief Executive of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association said:

“Today’s news from Brussels is deeply frustrating. It simply isn’t good enough that Brexit talks are still in deadlock. Politicians from both sides of the channel simply have to knuckle down and make progress. Brexit cannot falter on ideology and dogma and must instead focus on finding solutions that are mutually beneficial. That inevitably means compromise – on both sides. A failed negotiation would be a disaster for UK and EU business and citizens alike.”