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WSTA Partners With Crimestoppers To Crackdown On “Fake Booze”

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) has joined forces with Crimestoppers in a crackdown on the manufacture and sale fake booze.

Launched this week, the initiative focuses around a video explaining how to report and bring to justice the “modern-day moonshiners whose hooky hooch can threaten people’s lives”.

The aim was to make the public aware of fake alcohol and the effects it can have on consumers’ health, as well as highlighting how ‘fakers’ put lives at risk with “suspect” alcohol factories, said the WSTA. A dedicated confidential alcohol fraud line has been set up for members of the public to call, or report online, if they have any suspicion regarding the purchase or suspected manufacture of illicit alcohol.

Chief executive Miles Beale: “To spread the word we have put together a new video explaining how to spot fake booze. Although most alcohol retailers are legitimate we urge the public not to take a risk to save a few quid – and to report anything they suspect is fake alcohol to the Crimestoppers alcohol fraud line,” he said.

The sale of illicit alcohol costs the UK over £1 billion each year, according to HMRC, which seized 50 million litres of illicit alcohol in the UK.

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