One of the issues many restaurants are currently facing at the moment is a shortage of staff. So anything that can reduce workload has to be of interest.

We firmly believe that candles are an essential part of the dining experience, but what comes with them is all the mess, which uses valuable time cleaning up. Time and money that could be better spent elsewhere.

So how do you square that circle? The answer is with oil candles.

There are two types. Glass bodied, refillable ones, and plastic prefilled, disposable ones.

Both do the job fantastically well, while making no mess, having no waste and minimal maintenance.

The refillable ones are very economical while the disposable ones have all the convenience of a tealight. On top of that, they look absolutely great and will enhance the look and feel of your restaurant or bar.

If you’ve never used, seen or heard of oil candles before, or even if you have, the best place to go to find out more is

There is an extensive amount of information there, FAQ section, guides to help you decide which candle is best for you and a full e-commerce site.

You can also request a free sample oil candle, with some oil by e-mailing Please state what design you wish to see and include your delivery details

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