A new wholesaler for the On-trade with a very different approach that both trade buyers and food and drink brands will love.

Comesto aims to be just that, a new type of F&B wholesaler with a customer-first approach based around trading from a digital platform, not a catalogue.

Comesto CEO Valentine Smith explains: “We bring platform economics into wholesale procurement offering a faster more flexible service featuring a huge range from both challenger brands and old favourites.”

For buyers: An exciting range of products offering great deals. Easy to search and compare on the platform and app. Stock up with one order, one invoice, one delivery, no minimum order and you choose the delivery time and day.

For brands: If the On-trade wants it, we’ll stock it. No sign-up fees, no catalogue fees, less red tape and lower costs. And we help grow your brand, through inbuilt product activation and free direct delivery of marketing resources. We offer sales, fulfilment, stock control and credit checks and by utilising a full e-commerce approach we aim to cost less too.

Launching in June, check out www.comesto.co.uk to find out more and register your interest.