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‘Your Outdoor Area Begs You to Earn More Money’

The oftern-used solution, the umbrella or parasol, needs to work better and last longer.

Giving your customers a guarantee of being able to relax in almost all weather is a big business bonus.

Our hospitality gazebos are effectively free because…
– By investing in our high-quality all-weather protection will give you a fabulous rate of return.
– Acording to our pubs, each gazebos typically pays for itself in about 6/8 weeks!
– We will help you maximise income from your outdoor area.
– This is your essential long-term investment because…

Our Hospitality gazebos are LONG LASTING with 20-year design life, and with their ROBUST DESIGN come with a guarantee to withsand 100 Mph storms.

4 sizes: reduced from £1666* (ex vat)

*Lock in your price today – with 50% deposit.

White Pavilion Hospitality Gazebos