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CINDERS Barbecues

CINDERS Barbecues celebrate thirty three successful years with their legendary ‘Slimfold’ range of LPGas barbecues. Whilst there are no ‘cinders’ in a Cinders Barbecue, these rugged and versatile folding units are popular with widely varied catering operations, from street food vendors to five star hotels and everything in-between.

This British made equipment will deploy and cook in less than ten minutes, leaving little excuse not to boost profits with an outdoor presentation whenever possible.

Over a thousand burgers at a large event is well within capacity for the best selling TG160 model, yet the unique design of grilling surface will easily support delicate items like fish or fruit. Investment is minimal and return on capital can be measured in hours, rather than years.

Summer is here at last – everyone wants to be outdoors and you need reliable equipment that will deploy in minutes and will store away cleanly when not in use……..Cinders website was designed with you in mind and is a useful resource for outdoor cooking – with blogs, best practice and always with sound advice for safety first.


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