Jose Etura’s Guide to your Global Beer List

How do you go about curating a world lager list?


A must for any restaurant looking to engage thirsty guests, a world lager list can help set you apart from the competition. ...


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Taste The Future

– Entries open for Nestle Professional® Toque d’Or® 2019 – Registration opens today (5th November) for the prestigious 2019 Nestle Professional® Toque d’Or® competition for students and apprentice chefs at ...

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Fake Online Reviewers in the UK

There has been a lot of publicity in recent weeks surrounding those that are involved in the selling on of ‘fake reviews’ including the ...

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Does a Care Home Catering Director Hold The Key to Increasing Profits in Pubs and Restaurants?

Food & hotel services director Jon Bicknell is responsible for catering and hospitality in one of the UK’s fastest growing care home operators. Using ...

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RINGING A BELL: Top Tips To Driving Customer Loyalty

With new restaurants opening what seems like every other day and more and more shoppers going online, customer loyalty is becoming increasingly important. Eloise ...

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Why Injuries Happen in the Catering Industry and How to Avoid Them

By Richard Powell at YouClaim Despite the number of fatal and non-fatal workplace-related injuries in the UK decreasing by 45% and 51% respectively over ...

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