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How Restaurants Should Use Tech In 2019 To Innovate – And Thrive

By Tom Weaver, CEO of Flyt It’s fair to say it hasn’t been a brilliant year for the restaurant industry. Jamie’s Italian kicked off ...

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NPD GROUP: Five Eating Out Trends to Watch In 2019

Watchwords for 2019 include delivery, veganism, transparency, the environment and virtual restaurants! Global information company The NPD Group has identified five new trends that ...

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What’s The Real Cost Of Labour In The Hospitality Industry?

The UK hospitality industry is facing pressure from all sides, what with increases in business rates, rents, price inflation on produce and increases in ...

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No Reservations Around Risk Assessment When It Comes To Managing The Legionella Threat

Deadly Legionella bacteria can spread quickly in any water system. SafeCare’s Jamie Tranter shares his tips for safely and responsibly controlling the risk in ...

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