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Professional Comment

Safer Food, Better Business for the Hospitality Sector

For the collection of independent hotels, pubs and restaurants operating across the country, there are many challenges, none-more-so than achieving compliance with food health ...

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The Management of Fats, Oils and Greases In Your Kitchen

Fat, oil and grease (FOG) suspended in water, congeal as they cool and harden. By disposing of FOG down the sink or drain, caterers ...

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Errors In Shift Allocation Could Cost You Your Business and Your Freedom

The simple error that could put you in gaol. Don’t risk a prison sentence for simple compliance issues:- Most employers understand they have a ...

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Navigating Loan Negotiations: Tips For Hoteliers

For those setting up a hotel business an inevitable part is negotiating financing arrangements. Hotel lenders will want as high a level of control ...

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Editor's Viewpoint

Editor’s Viewpoint: Child Exploitation – A Lesson To Be Learned?

Once again the first part of the year has proved very busy for those of us at CLH News – we have been up ...

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Editor’s Viewpoint: The Importance of an Online Presence

A very belated happy New Year to you all! I would just take this opportunity to remind readers of the changes we have made ...

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Editor’s Viewpoint: From Britain’s Worst Hotel to Retaining Loyal Diners

A couple of stories recently caught my attention, both featured on our website: “Hotel, Dubbed the Worst in Britain Closed Down”, and “Diners More ...

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Editor’s Viewpoint: Non-Paying Customers – Don’t Get Me Started!

We have a story on our website which made my blood boil, and took me back to the days when I had my restaurant here ...

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