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Cleaning and Hygiene

StarPRO Professional Cleaning Products

We all know how hectic this time of year gets; and whether it’s cleaning up after Christmas events and parties, deep cleaning over the winter holidays, or simply performing everyday cleaning tasks, nobody wants to spend excessive time cleaning! StarPRO ...

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Charles Roc Services

Charles Roc Services truly is Housekeeping reinvented. We behave more like the Hotelier and far less like a generic outsourcing provider. This is because service and standards is our primary goal. This is Housekeeping with a difference: you need to ...

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Wet and Forget

Why use Wet & Forget? Moss, mould, lichen, algae, and black mould are part of our lives. Because of our climate these biological growths attach themselves, uninvited, to every exterior surface around our home. These growths are seriously unattractive and dangerous (slippery ...

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Introducing the i-mop

Imagine you have a cleaning machine with the mobility of a flat floor mop. Imagine you have a cleaning machine with well over 1000 m2/h of practical area cleaning power that you can carry up a staircase in one hand. ...

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