Opentable Revamps App For A More Personalised Experience

DiningEnables app users to discover new dining experiences through personalised and relevant recommendations based on their tastes

OpenTable has revamped its app experience to showcase more relevant and personalised dining options, making it even easier for diners to discover and book restaurants that are perfect for their tastes.

The app will have a new home screen featuring dynamic, data-backed recommendations tailored to the individual diner based on their past bookings, favourite restaurants and dining preferences.

From the simple to navigate home screen diners can see lists of suggested restaurants, leave feedback on recommendations they would like to see more or less of and access their user profile, where they can update personal dining preferences. If diners keep their personal dining preferences updated to let restaurants know they are pescatarian or dairy-free amongst other preferences, OpenTable can tailor the restaurant suggestions surfaced based on this insight.

To ensure the recommendations remain as personalised as possible, OpenTable has also added a feature that allows diners to give instant feedback on the suggested restaurants. Give a thumbs up to the restaurant recommendations and diners will see more places that have a similar menu or experience type. For restaurants that don’t quite meet their needs, a thumbs down will see the restaurant removed from their ‘recommended for you’ personalised list.

Through the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence), over time the app will refine and change the recommendations it makes based on diners behaviour, to ensure diners can keep discovering amazing meals and dining experiences every time they open the app.

Adrian Valeriano, Vice President, OpenTable EMEA says: “Our mission at OpenTable is to enable diners to discover and find restaurant inspiration, as well as make a reservation. We hope that our app update helps more diners find the perfect place to eat out. The use of AI continues to open new doors for us in creating a more personalised experience for our diners.”