The Benefits of Press Advertising

newspaper-montageDoes Any Other Financial Investment Deliver Such A Handsome Return?

Give your advertising an unfair advantage – Run some press adverts!


Advertisers who are cutting back on newspaper advertising are missing a trick. This is the conclusion of a massive five year long study conducted by effectiveness consultancy Benchmarketing for Newsworks, which reveals that advertising with newspapers increases overall revenue return on investment by up to three times.

It’s not only true, it gets even better!

The results show that as a promotional medium newspapers increase overall campaign effectiveness as well as boosting other media – including press advertising can make TV advertising campaigns twice as effective and online digital display four times more effective. It goes on to state newspaper advertising can increase the overall effectiveness of a campaign by over five times.

  • Whether driving traffic to an advertiser’s web site, or working with the site to deliver a cohesive campaign, printed media is the perfect way to achieve results.

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Rufus Olins, chief executive at Newsworks, said:

“Advertisers who want the best return on their investment should study this data. It is clear that newspaper brands boost other media as well as performing a powerful role in their own right. Running a campaign without newspapers is like trying to bake a cake without baking powder!”